(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. clearing, grassland; expanse, range, plot; playground, links, court, airport, aerodrome, arena; scope, sphere, realm; battlefield, warfare. See region, business, agriculture, space.
(Roget's IV) modif.
Syn. farm, stock, meadow, outdoor, agricultural, rural, land, soil, earth, earthen, agrarian, bucolic, pastoral.
1. [Open land]
Syn. meadow, pasture, clearing, range, acreage, plot, patch, garden, enclosure, land under cultivation, grainfield, hayfield, cornfield, tract of land, cultivated ground, grassland, green, farmland, ranchland, arable land, plowed land, cultivated land, cleared land, moor, moorland, heath, lea, cropland, tract, vineyard, glebe, mead.
2. [An area devoted to sport]
Syn. diamond, gridiron, playing field, track, rink, court, course, racecourse, golf course, racetrack, circus, arena, lists, stadium, theater, amphitheater, playground, park, turf, green, hippodRome, fairground; see also arena .
3. [An area devoted to a specialized activity]
Syn. airfield, airport, landing field, playing field, terminal, battlefield, battleground, terrain, scene of conflict, theater of war, arena, field of honor, parade ground, range, parking lot; see also airport , battlefield .
4. [An area which can be comprehended in a given way]
Syn. field of vision, field of investigation, field of operations, territory, province, domain, bailiwick, purview, sphere, reach, range, area, realm, scope, jurisdiction, field of interest, field of study, discipline, specialty, profession, turf*; see also department 1 .
5. [Competitors or available candidates]
Syn. entries, entrants, participants, contestants, applicants, nominees, possibilities, contenders, players, suitable candidates.
play the field,
Syn. experiment, explore, look elsewhere; see examine 1 , try 1 .
take the field,
Syn. initiate, start, go forth; see begin 1 , campaign 1 .
Syn. handle, cover, answer, respond to, reply to, parry, take care of, catch, retrieve, pick up.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. meadow pasture, grassland, plain, green, clearing, glebe, range.
descriptive: Audubonesque tableau of birds and flowers, tawny tussocks of fall, softly flowered like a Monet canvas, profusion of flowers, mèlange of colors, soft heather meadow, sea of crested wheat, bluegrass meadow, golden alpine meadow, thatchy undergrowth, verdant, Irish green field, broad sweep, wildflower meadow, sprays of daisies and buttercups, the lush grasses of a miller’s dreams
grasses: bluegrass, bunch grass, salt grass, foxtail, buffalo grass, crab grass, deer grass, fescue, orchard grass, June grass, red top, river grass, ribbon grass, cattail
grasslands of Eurasia: steppes
heather or other small shrubs: heath
marshy area covered with heather, bracken: moor
midwest plain: prairie
plain of South America: pampas
Siberian: tundra
South African grassland: veld, veldt
tropical/subtropical grassland: savanna
2. specialty line, profession, province, realm, domain, area, sphere, territory, bailiwick.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun A sphere of activity, experience, study, or interest: area, arena, bailiwick, circle, department, domain, orbit, province, realm, scene, subject, terrain, territory, world. Slang: bag. See TERRITORY.

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